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Harpers and The New Yorker Both Have New Book Blogs


Because heaven knows the world needs more book blogs, the New Yorker now has a blog called The Book Bench, named after their office’s discarded-book pile (pictured). And Harpers now has Sentences. The latter, so far, is pretty super—entirely the work of contributing editor Wyatt Mason, it features long, discursive entries about recent reading and original reporting about Jonathan Franzen‘s recent public chat with James Wood at Harvard. The Book Bench, so far, has long linkdumps and posts about recent lit news with punny headlines like “A Pose for Emily [Dickinson]” and “Pain in the Library.” There’s also an odd, snobby post entitled “Bookspotting” that makes fun of an overheard conversation between an “Edie Falco look-alike” and a friend in a fancy Tribeca restaurant, about how reading books on tape are easier than reading “all that text.”

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Posted on May 22, 2008 by Editor

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