Man accidentally kills himself with a gun while taking a selfie



Taking a selfie is now officially dangerous, although how dangerous depends entirely on the intelligence of the person attempting to capture that selfie. Oscar Otero Aguilar clearly wasn’t that intelligent, otherwise he’d still be alive today.

The 21-year-old was drinking with friends in Mexico City and had somehow acquired a working gun and ammunition for it. With a few drinks inside him, he decided to capture a selfie of himself with the gun to upload to Facebook. But just holding the gun wasn’t enough, he also took the time load it and turn the safety off. Alternatively, he was so inebriated he had no idea the gun was loaded and ready to fire.

Neighbors heard a gun shot and called the police. What they discovered was Aguilar with a serious head wound which soon after resulted in his death. It seems that while he was attempting to line up the camera and gun to capture the perfect selfie he managed to accidentally fire the weapon into his own skull.

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