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Uwe Boll Will Roll You

from the New York Times

 Call Him the Worst Director (Then Duck)

Chris Helcermanas-Benge/Event Film

Verne Troyer in “Postal,” the latest film by the much-vilified director Uwe Boll. 

UWE BOLL is often referred to as the worst filmmaker in the world.

This seems to pain Mr. Boll, a gregarious 42-year-old German whose best-known movies are based on video games. So he has shared the pain with his critics, literally, challenging several to a series of boxing matches in 2006. Mr. Boll, a former boxer, thumped them handily.

But what he really wants is respect.

There is a Web site called, with a petition demanding that he stop making movies. The petition had drawn only 18,000 names until last month, when Mr. Boll told the horror-movie Web site that he would quit making films if a million people signed. With his own version of “bring it on,” the list has now grown to more than a quarter of a million.

Why play along? “I have to live with it,” Mr. Boll said with an unhappy smirk. “It’s better to make fun with it,” as an alternative to “being depressed, sitting at home, slowly crying.”

We won’t even talk about

During a lunch interview in New York, he pressed a freshly copied DVD into a reporter’s hands. It was a rough cut of a serious film he’s been working on, about a brutal prison rape in Germany in 2006. “I would be interested to see what you think about it,” he said.

He also noted that there are counterpetitions urging him to keep making films. At least part of what is going on, he argued, is an online pile-on, a “can you top this?” game with Mr. Boll on the bottom.

“Is it the movies are all so bad?” he asked. “Something is not fitting together in the story, that I’m the worst of the worst.”

Mr. Boll’s most recent film, “Postal,” might not be the best vehicle for winning respect. The first sequence of the film, which opens on Friday, portrays 9/11 hijackers squabbling over the precise number of virgins who will be awaiting them after their martyrdom. The scene switches to a World Trade Center’s-eye view of an oncoming jet.

As the movie’s scattershot plot rocks along, the audience gets a long full-frontal look at a nude Dave Foley, the boyish comic best known for his work in the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe and on the television show “News Radio,” who portrays a sleazy satyr of a cult leader.

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Posted on May 18, 2008 by Editor

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