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Rick Hincks’ World Cup

from artnet

Artist Captures Every Detail of the World Cup’s Biggest Plays

Sarah Cascone

Rick Hincks. Photo: courtesy Rick Hincks.

Rick Hincks.
Photo: Courtesy Rick Hincks.

If you’re looking for World Cup-themed art that truly captures your obsessive need to replay each and every goal and crucial play over and over, reviewing multiple angles to truly experience the match, British graphic designer Rick Hincks has you covered. As reported by the Huffington Post, Hincks, a big-time fan of the Manchester City club, has created a series of elegantly simple posters (available for $20) that capture the movement of the ball and the players during key plays of important games.

Since beginning the series in November, Hincks has covered both historic past matches and major plays in the 2014 World Cup currently headed for a Germany-Argentina final. The purely graphic images feature just two colors, marking the players’ positions by their numbers, and the ball’s trajectory as it approaches the goal, bouncing, ricocheting, and being passed and shot.

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Posted on July 17, 2014 by Editor

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