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Reefer Maceness

from CBS Sacramento

Disabled Grandma Uses Bear Spray To Fend Off 13 Attackers After Her Marijuana Grow

DIXON (CBS13) – It was one disabled woman versus 13 intruders, and she won.

She went to answer an early morning knock on the door, but not before grabbing a can of bear spray. It was her only defense against 13 intruders.

She was staring down the barrel of a shotgun, facing seemingly impossible odds. Most wouldn’t dare fight back, but this disabled grandmother did.

“I’ve always jokingly said, ‘if someone tries to take my income, I’m going to fight. They’re going to have to fight me,’” said the woman.

She says the intruders were after her medical marijuana grow in her backyard. They were apparently so distracted that even the gunman didn’t notice what she was hiding in her hand.

“I couldn’t get the safety off,” she said.

As they were yelling “where’s the marijuana?”, she flicked off the safety and emptied the can of bear spray on three of the men, including the guy pointing the shotgun at her.

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Posted on October 7, 2012 by Editor

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