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Pop 2012

from The Guardian

The A-Z of pop in 2012

From the Guardian Guide: Don’t know your Afrobeats from your Cloud rap? Find your way through the changing pop landscape with our handy A-Z guide

by Clare ConsidineHarriet GibsoneLouis PattisonSam RichardsSian Rowe

Pop. Indie. Electronica. Soul. Do these words mean anything any more? Switch on the radio and you could be mistaken for thinking that genres have blurred into one. But dig deeper and you’ll find that there are more than ever. Here, we present a glossary of 2012’s essential musical movements (and only a few are made up by us). Plus, a chance to sample tracks from 25 of the 26 genres mentioned in Spotify (Tumblrwave is just too damn new).

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Posted on July 21, 2012 by Editor

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