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Number 4 Leaves No Trace

from The Pittsburgh Tribune

Dreamworks to pay for improvements to Allegheny County parks


Two Allegheny County parks could get a Hollywood facelift this summer, after Dreamworks Productions finishes filming scenes for its teen sci-fi flick “I am Number IV.”

Dreamworks got approval from County Council to film in the parks as long as the movie company pays to fix up a North Park water tower and keeps a playing field at Deer Lakes Park pristine.

“Any time we allow outside organizations to use county facilities or county parks, we require them to restore the park or facility to the same or better condition than they found it,” county spokesman Kevin Evanto said.

In exchange for shooting scenes at the water tower, the company will donate $10,000 toward fixing up the terrazzo floor of its observation deck, Evanto said. The tile floor, which depicts constellations, needs repairs, he said.

The film company will take out a $50,000 bond to cover any damage it might cause filming scenes of a carnival on a freshly sodded soccer field at Deer Lakes Park, said County Councilman Nick Futules, chairman of the parks committee.

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Posted on June 4, 2010 by Editor

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