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Mandatory Penis Inspections Demanded By School District

from The Washington Post

4 high school senior pranks that went wild


In 1977, senior pranksters placed a Volkswagen on the roof of Herndon High School and brought a pig to school. The Volkswagen landed on the front page of that day's Washington Star. (The Stinger - Herndon High School newspaper)

You’d think that after more than a dozen years in school, high school seniors would know what will get them into trouble and what won’t, but apparently some don’t.  It’s senior prank season, and while some have been innocuous, others have led to arrests and suspensions, with one school seeing nearly 20 percent of the senior class picked up by police.

Traditional senior pranks are harmless, and include activities such as making prank phony school announcements, putting desks and chairs outside, and putting alarm clocks in the ceiling to go off at different times.

And then there was a senior prank in San Francisco, where somebody posted phony inspection notices in the hallways that said that school district authorities required “mandatory penis inspections on all male students, faculty, and staff at Lowell High School,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. A statement that the newspaper said was issued by the district reported that Lowell adminstrators are “regarding this incident as a senior prank, and the infractions will be addressed according to school and district policies.”

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Posted on May 14, 2014 by Editor

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