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James Frey As Yenta to DolceGoldin

from the New York Post




May 30, 2008 — In addition to being a notorious author, it turns out that James Frey is also a matchmaker.

James Frey

The author of the partially fabricated memoir “A Million Little Pieces” is responsible for bringing former Details and Star Editor-In-Chief Joe Dolce and former MSNBC Editorial Director Davidson Goldin together to launch a media-strategy and branding consulting firm called DolceGoldin, The Post has learned.

The firm, which officially went into business this month, aims to be a behind-the-scenes operator helping politicians, pop culture figures and businesses make sure “the attention they are getting is the attention they want,” Goldin said in an interview with The Post.

DolceGoldin was founded after Frey’s wife, Maya, who was friends with Goldin at Cornell University, introduced Goldin to her author husband.

The two hit it off and Frey hired Goldin in January to provide support for a media strategy devised by his publisher, HarperCollins, ahead of the launch of “Bright Shiny Morning,” which will debut at No. 9 on the New York Times bestseller list this weekend.

The next month Goldin received an e-mail from Frey introducing him to Dolce and suggesting that the pair go into business together. Dolce and Goldin were soon drawing up plans and seeking out office space for their new venture.

“There are many people and companies that are great at making products, but are not as great at communicating their message to the public,” Dolce said.


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Posted on May 30, 2008 by Editor

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