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iSoda? (or, The Geekiest Dumb Thief Ever)

from The San Jose Mercury News

Steve Jobs home burglary suspect accused of stealing wallet, driver’s license, special computers with house key

By Mike Rosenberg and Jason Green / Staff writers / © Copyright 2012, Bay Area News Group

PALO ALTO — Detectives say Kariem McFarlin told them he was desperate for easy cash when he saw the Palo Alto home being renovated, hopped over the fence, found a spare key and went inside. No lights, no alarm, no one home. Then he discovered what hallowed ground he was on: the home of the iconic late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Alone and with free rein of a house belonging to one of the richest and most secretive families on the planet, McFarlin made off with some of the legendary gadgets Jobs helped create, police said in a report released Tuesday, one month after a break-in just now being publicized. He grabbed iPhones, iPads, Macs and iPods, then found Jobs’ wallet — with a single dollar inside — and, perhaps most shockingly of all, took his driver’s license.

Police said he also snatched $60,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry and Cristal Champagne, and even took a soda-maker and kitchen blender.

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Posted on August 15, 2012 by Editor

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