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Internet Archive Strikes Again

from BoingBoing

Watch a slew of vintage MTV from the 1980s

by DAVID PESCOVITZ contributor Windsinger is uploading their entireĀ VHS collection of MTV recordings from the channel’s finest era, from its launch on August 1, 1981 until 1989 (with a few 1991 episodes of 120 Minutes thrown in for good measure). It’s remarkable how the channel has evolved (?) from its pioneering earliest days filled with new music, youth culture, and visual experimentalism to its current form.

“I’ve been collecting recordings of full, unedited, WITH commercials & especially the VJs for years,” Windsinger writes. “I’ve found these videos from old websites, torrent sites, sharing things, The Original MTV VJs facebook page, and of course the Archive.”

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Posted on May 3, 2020 by Editor

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