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I Love Milo Moiré

from artnet

Naked Selfie Artist Milo Moiré Strikes Again at Art Basel With Unauthorized Performance

by Brian Boucher

Milo Moire stands with a viewer of her latest piece, Naked Selfie.Photo: Brian Boucher.

Milo Moiré brought her naked performance art to the people in Basel Wednesday.

In a public square a few minutes from the Art Basel fair during the second day of VIP previews, posing in just sneakers with smiling locals, Moiré performed her latest piece, Naked Selfie. The performance artist was previously known for a piece in which she dropped paint-filled eggs from her vagina.

“This isn’t just for the elite,” the artist’s associate, Peter, explained to artnet News. “That’s why we’re doing it here.”

It might also have had something to do with last year, when a denuded Moiré, with the names of items of clothing written on her exposed skin, was turned away from the convention center (see Art Basel Turns Away Nude Performance Artist).

“The fair was too crowded!” Moiré, wearing only pink running shoes, told artnet News on the Barfüsserplatz (Barefoot Square), outside Basel’s History Museum, in between photo shoots. She had visited the previous day—fully clothed—but bailed out after a couple of hours.

Locals shopped and ate lunch at restaurants on the place as the artist set her camera on a tripod, still wearing a white tank top and cutoff shorts, under the watchful eye of a gaggle of cameramen and video crews. When she had the camera ready, she casually stripped down to her sneakers.

“Who wants to pose for a selfie with me?” she asked the crowd after a few wolf whistles while she disrobed. After an awkward moment, she asked, “What, is everyone shy now?”

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Posted on June 18, 2015 by Editor

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