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Hell’s Canucks Rumble With Canadian Politicians

from the NY Observer

Canadian Sex and Biker Scandal Comes Alive on YouTube




Finally, an inventive new use for YouTube that doesn’t involve a kid practicing Star Wars moves or Kobe Bryant jumping over a pool full of snakes. Someone by the screenname BLABLABLAPQ has posted a musical montage that starts with the phrase “Le Scandale de la Semaine au Quebec” (“The Scandal of the Week in Quebec”). The video, which is comprised of screenshots and French pull quotes, highlights the sex-politics-and-biker-gang scandal currently engulfing Canada, all set to a poppy Francophone soundtrack. (Minus a random Britney Spears vamp.)

According to Ian Austen in today’s New York Times, Canadian minister of foreign affairs Maxime Bernier has resigned because “his former romantic interest, Julie Couillard, was linked to Quebec’s motorcycle gangs, which have long tried to infiltrate politics and the justice systems. … Biker gangs in Mr. Bernier’s home province of Quebec have, among other things, killed prison guards and shot one prominent crime journalist.” (Who knew our neighbors to the north were so hardcore?)

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Posted on May 29, 2008 by Editor

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