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Good clown, real clown, funny clown

from Fox NY

Clowns are not scary

By MAC KING, Fox 5 News Reporter

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – Fox 5 continues to receive reports of scary clowns popping up all over New York City: in movies and television shows and at Halloween parties near you. Now, the World Clown Association wants you to know who the real clowns are.

“How we doing? How we doing?” a clown wearing a red hat, baggy yellow paints and a matching vest covered in stars and drama masks said in greeting as we approached his home.

Good clown, real clown, funny clown, call College Point’s Cido the Clown what you like. But when you see his red nose, painted cheeks and over-sized shoes pedaling right for you on a tiny bicycle (which he demonstrated for us), he asks you not run away in terror.

“I can’t possibly be an evil clown!” Cido said, screwing up his face into a grimace. “I try to make my face angry and you’ll still laugh.”

The World Clown Association, for which Cido serves as Mid-Atlantic director, wants the rest of us to distinguish between real clowns like Cido who try to make us laugh and horror clowns like Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It” who try to make their creators some money.

“You walk in a room and people say: ‘It! Here comes It!'” Cido said. “Well, you know what? There are clowns out there that make me scared. I look at them and I’m like: ‘Wow.'”

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Posted on October 30, 2014 by Editor

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