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Get High Now

from TIME Magazine


This is probably not what you think (there is no website for that, yet). Get High Now is a science site disguised as mind-expansion. There are 40 audio and visual illusions (or, if you must, “hallucinations”) to be experienced and, after reading about the brain science that explains them, understood. Risset rhythms seem to get faster and faster, yet not if you time them by tapping your foot. Shepard tones get higher and higher (or lower and lower) yet never change key. Binaural beats and theta-wave synchronizations make you feel different — and you’re not just imagining things; the changes they induce can be seen with fMRI. And then there’s the highly intoxicating chronosynclastic infundibulum, which remains a mystery to science.

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Posted on August 27, 2009 by Editor

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