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Gawker’s Worst Intern Ever (Miserably Missing The Humble Standard Set by Former G-Intern, James Frey)

from MediaBistro

The Worst Intern Ever.

starbucks coffee cup
an intern’s life. flickr: Steve Webel

Thanks, Gawker, for destroying our faith in humanity: the blog’s just posted e-mails from a wannabe intern who is just so awful that we find it hard to believe that this kid is for real:

S/he says things like “Is there a possibility that your internship will turn into a full time position? The reason I ask is because I’m looking for a full time job and I would not want to waste my time at an internship that was not going to lead to a full time position.” And “I find it very unprofessional that you have gone an entire day without responding to me and it makes me question the type of office you work in and if I want to be an intern at your company.”

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Posted on April 30, 2010 by Editor

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