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Callan McAuliffe Talks Action in “I Am Number Four,” Futuristic Weaponry and “Red Dead Redemption”

“Going from shooting my friends online to actually shooting and blowing stuff up in I Am Number Four was pretty cool,” laughs Callan McAuliffe.

Callan got to live out every modern guy’s dream with his role as Sam in D.J. Caruso‘s I Am Number Four. He gets thrust into a paranoid, pulsating thrill ride rife with intense action and super cool weaponry.

I Am Number Four centers around John [Alex Pettyfer]. John has got something very special inside of him, but there’s a deadly enemy that wants to make sure he never realizes the full scope of his power. Three have already been knocked off, and he’s Number Four. Sam’s the outcast in John’s high school that’s along for the journey.

In this exclusive interview, Callan McAuliffe talks about I Am Number Four, getting to fire off some futuristic weaponry, favorite video games, film score and more!

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