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Full-on Show At The Half

from Guest Of A Guest

 Damon Johnson Gives His Dad Some REAL Gossip To Write About: Inspires Michael Ovitz, James Frey And Others To Emulate His Art

[James Frey imitating a painting by Damon Johnson]


Go HERE for the entire gallery from this event by John Norwood.

Night is my time for walking. I love to look for that glow of light that beckons from my intended destination; a movie premiere, a new restaurant, a new nightclub, an art gallery opening. As I approached the appropriately named Half Gallery, for painter Damon Johnson’s new show titled, “Thanks for Asking”, I noticed that only a slight glow could possibly escape from this tiny LES storefront. Also, apropos, their logo was done all in caps with the bottom halves of all the letters removed.

Never mind the size of the gallery, I had big expectations. Three clever people own the place; James Frey, the best selling author. Bill Powers, the former editor of Blackbook Magazine and Andy Spade, husband of handbag empress, Kate Spade. Plus, Damon is the son of the New York Post’s Page Six editor, Richard Johnson.

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Posted on October 9, 2008 by Editor

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