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From Toronto to Boston

from CBS Boston

How ‘American Gothic’ Crew Transformed Toronto Into Boston

By Liam Martin

Home from "American Gothic" (CBS)Home from “American Gothic” (CBS)

TORONTO (CBS) — If the house and the neighborhood at the center of the new CBS thriller “American Gothic” looks like they could be found on Chestnut Hill, that’s by design.

“Well, that’s encouraging to hear,” Tim Owen told WBZ’s Liam Martin with a laugh.

Owen is the location manager of the murder mystery, and he was speaking to Liam in Toronto, not Boston — despite the fact the show is set in the Hub.

“We all kind of develop a kind of checklist of what makes Boston what it is when we see it visually,” Owen said.

He has had to turn to that checklist for this project, finding the parts of Toronto that can fit.

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Posted on June 29, 2016 by Editor

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