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Fistbump with James Frey

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Last Saturday James Frey went to National Bookstore, Ayala Cebu. It was for his book signing of the his book Endgame:The Calling. I’m a big fan of his I Am Number Four Series, and when he revealed Last January 25 that he was Pittacus Lore I immediately thought “Sh*t I HAVE TO MEET HIM!” So with my fellow Lorics, we walked from our University to Ayala.

He was really amazing, I was lost for words. He read a part of his new book and gave tips on how to become a writer.

“Write a book that you want to read,” James Frey said. And I can’t help but nod in agreement eventhough I knew he wouldn’t see me in the see of fellow fans.

When it was my turn to get my book signed, my hands were really shaking and Iwas close to tears.

To be a writer, as great and known as him would be unattainable. But to be a writer with the same principles, and the same work ethic as him, will be one of my life goals.

Books make me happy, and someday (hopefully) I’ll make other people happy by writing books just like James Frey

Thank You! National Bookstore for making this event Possible!

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