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FINANCIAL TIMES, SLATE: “Frey’s Masterpiece”

from the Financial Times

See the light

Review by AN Wilson

A tunnel of light

The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, by James Frey, John Murray, RRP£16.99, 400 pages

Cult American author James Frey’s new novel is both a work of art and a bombshell hurled at the religious right. It tackles the Second Coming of Jesus in modern America – with the promised Messiah enacting the deeds the religious right consider most wicked. He is, for example, an active bisexual who supports his prostitute girlfriend when she aborts her first child.Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant: every page is great. Whether you are religious, or bigotedly irreligious, or neither, you will find it disturbing in the best possible sense, in the way that Dostoevsky’s “Grand Inquisitor” myth is disturbing.[ click to read full review at ]

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