Endgame Ancient Societies: Who’s Who and What Are They Up to – May 25, 2015

by JoJo Stratton


WARNING – This Guide has SPOILERSSo, you have decided to try to get the beta invite for the Endgame: Proving Grounds mobile App.  As you start to work on challenges and find a way to get that golden ticket to play, you begin to encounter all these names and story pieces. How will you ever figure out who is whom and what is what?  Well, that’s where this quick sheet guide can be a help.  I’ve collected many of the names here and tried to provide a brief (very brief) update of where these characters are right now.  If you really are into the story, there are weekly recaps you can review, Stella’s My Story, which lists all of her blogs, and a few communities and hangouts that are devoted to discussing the story.  Feel free to jump into story and explore even further.
Overview:  Stella V is searching for something called The Truth (The Ancient Truth). She spent most of her life kept in seclusion by Wayland Vyctory. Recently she ran away from Wayland as she began to learn that Wayland had been hiding things from her. As she tries to find who she is, she is learning about something called Endgame.

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