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Earth Cosmic Park

from Real Clear Politics

Jeff Bezos: “The Solar System Can Support A Trillion People,” Earth Will Be Preserved Like “Yellowstone National Park”

 Posted By Tim Hains

“Amazon” and “Blue Origin” founder Jeff Bezos spoke about the future of human civilization during a talk this week at the Ignatius Forum in Washington, DC. Bezos predicted that one day the majority of humans will be born off-world and the Earth may one day be treated like “Yellowstone National Park.”

“Everyone who has been to space experiences something we call the Overview Effect,” he said from personal experience. “I was expecting that, and I wanted to feel that, and I was ready for it, and what I can tell you is the magnitude of that experience was so much bigger than I could have ever anticipated. And it really is such a change in perspective that shows you, in a very powerful and emotional way, just how fragile this Earth is.”

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Posted on November 17, 2021 by Editor

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