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Don’t Mess With Little Willie (though the whole thing looks staged to this viewer)


Having many years ago traded our shitkicking, bar-brawling days for a pastier, stir-crazy life of bloggy servitude, our bittersweet tears of joy welcome this violent throwback to the good times. To wit: Apparently upset with a scene-stealing drunkard crashing her performance at Austin’s Saxon Pub, country-fu pioneer (and Willie Nelson offspring) Paula Nelson landed a kick that commenced a fantastic Lone Star ass-whuppin’.   

While the coastal aesthete in us is particularly fond of the night-vision effect and slow-motion instant replay, the old-school redneck we’ve suppressed over the years can relate to Nelson-San’s pure, unchecked animus. This would never fly at the Troubador.

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Posted on March 25, 2008 by Editor

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