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DIVE f/x Powers #4 Lumens

from Dexigner

DIVE Produces 105 for I Am Number Four

February 19, 2011  |  Levent OZLER


DIVE¬†produced 105 visual effects shots in the highly anticipated DreamWorks release “I Am Number Four.” DIVE worked with Visual Effects Supervisor Greg McMurray to enhance the main character’s otherworldly powers showcased in the film. One of DIVE’s challenges was in creating a technique to demonstrate the power of “Lumen” and how it transfers to the tools the main character touches.

DIVE established Lumen’s blue glow by combining an enhanced and lengthened motion blur with the original gleam from an LED crystal embedded in a sword. The team then manually tracked both the tip and bottom of this crystal in each shot due to the speed of the blades and the lighting in the shots.

“We created a tool to give us the streaks and enhanced motion blur coming off of the crystal during the fast fighting,” said DIVE Sequence Lead Jeremy Fernsler. “We then controlled the length and fade of the streak. This tool also made it easier to tweak the motion curve from the track and allowed us to make the streaks follow the flow of the sword strikes during the battle. A final color correct and glow pass tied the enhancements together.”

“I Am Number Four” also highlights DIVE’s work in Paint. While camera projections were used to aid the larger plate restoration areas, some trickier techniques were employed when Number Four dives from a cliff over a waterfall. In this scene, the actor’s wires were both behind thin strands of hair and in front of a pool of rippling water making for a tricky paint fix.

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