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Dianna Agron on “Differences Between [I Am Number Four] Book and Screenplay”

by Stacy Hinojosa

It happens with every book-to-movie adaptation. Earlier this week, new details emerged about the seventh and final ‘Harry Potter’ film, specifically that the location where the death of a major character takes place will be different in the film than the book. The question becomes, can fans of the book accept a movie that’s not 100% true to the book?

The next movie in line to poise that question is ‘I Am Number Four‘, hitting theaters next month. One of the film’s stars, Dianna Agron revealed to us that even though the movie was being shot before the release of the first novel in the Lorien Legacies series, the movie might not go as far as to change something, but does leave a detail or two out — like the fact that Dianna’s character in the movie, like her Glee‘s Quinn Fabray, is a cheerleader.”

It’s funny that people keep saying Sarah was a cheerleader because it never is really addressed in this script,” she told us when we were on the set of the movie last summer in Pittsburgh. “I know it is in the book — it’s more that she had friends that were kind of the popular kids and her boyfriend is a football player and she’s just kind of done conforming to what other people thinks she should be like. There’s quite a few differences between the book and screenplay, but both are very action-packed.”

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