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DeLeon DeMicoli’s “Blood Atonement” to appear in WARMED AND BOUND: A Velvet Anthology

Warmed & Bound is an anthology of short stories stitched together by the people at The Velvet and edited by the beautiful and talented Pela Via. The anthology began as a giveaway for a fundraiser to redesign The Velvet, and quickly became an entirely different animal altogether. The book will be released later this summer, and will be available at most, if not all, major online retailers, and also in e-formats for your e-Reading pleasure. Check back often as updates and announcements become available.

DeLeon DeMicoli lives in San Francisco, CA. When he’s not writing, he trains in Mixed Martial Arts

[ click to visit the WARMED AND BOUND website ]

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Editor

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