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CNN: How Oprah has changed the way we live

from CNN

How Oprah has changed the way we live

By Megan Clifford, CNN

(CNN) — From “aha!” moments to “teachable” moments, in 25 years “The Oprah Winfrey Show” has not just become a part of our popular vernacular, it’s shaped our culture. Whether you’ve tuned in each weekday afternoon or preferred to tune her out, “Lady O” has left her mark.

Here’s our list of the top five ways “Oprah” has changed the way we live.


Oprah got people walking, and reading. During the 14 years of Oprah’s Book Club, fans bought millions of copies of Oprah’s 65 selected reading suggestions. A lit pick by Oprah guaranteed additional printings and big paychecks for publishers and authors.

Controversy colored her 2005 choice of James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” when the author was forced to admit he had made up large sections of the story of drug addiction and recovery that he touted as nonfiction.

Nonetheless, it made for great discussions at Oprah-inspired book clubs across the country.

Race relations

Oprah has always credited the sacrifice and service of the men and women involved in the civil rights movement for paving a path for a poor African- American woman from the South to transform into a beloved billionaire businesswoman. In turn, Oprah’s success has inspired millions more.

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Posted on May 14, 2011 by Editor

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