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Cannabis Plants As High As Christmas Trees

from New York Magazine

In Brooklyn, Cannabis Plants Once Grew As High As Christmas Trees

In Brooklyn, Cannabis Plants Once Grew As High As Christmas Trees
Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Ben Gocker, a librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, recently uncovered an intriguing chapter in the borough’s not-too-distant past. In the early fifties, Cannabis sativa plants apparently grew tall enough to hang ornaments on for the holidays. They grew in empty lots from Avenue X to the banks of the Newton Creek as well as around the Gowanus Canal. Of course, the fifties was a more innocent time. Many residents didn’t realize what was growing in their own backyards. In their attempt to wipe out the native green, officials warned residents, “If you spot these leaves in your back yard, growing in a tall, erect stalk, you have a budding marijuana crop on tap and the Sanitation Department would like to know about it.” In the summer of 1951, sanitation workers dug up and incinerated 41,000 pounds of marijuana from 274 lots around New York.

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Posted on March 24, 2011 by Editor

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