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Bright Shiny Softballs

from MediaBistro’s fishbowlLA

LAT Launches Some Bright, Shiny Softballs at James Frey


James Frey has already received a public caning. So (unless we get some comped ring-side seats) we don’t need to see another one. But still, the LAT piece on the front page acts as if “Pieces” was The Blair Witch Project and more of a hoax than a fabrication.

Is it because his new book is celebrating LA in literature and since Charles Bukowski isn’t around anymore we’ve been deprived of that?
From LAT:

“I’m definitely more humble, I’m definitely more contained, I’m definitely living a quieter life,” Frey said, popping one of many pieces of nicotine gum. “I’m just really grateful to have a book coming out. It’s similar to ‘A Million Little Pieces’ — I was just so excited to have a book coming out. It’s awesome. I write about L.A. as the city of dreams, and this is another dream . . .

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Posted on May 21, 2008 by Editor

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