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Bikies crow, “It’s going to be a better option for us if he’s in jail.”

from the Sydney Morning Herald

Bikies have Coles in their sights


AN OUTLAW motorcycle gang has threatened jail-yard violence against the alleged mastermind of Australia’s largest art fraud – if he is ever sent to prison.

The gang said 10 of its members were allegedly ripped off for a total of $1 million by former Sydney art dealer Ron Coles.

Fraud detectives have been investigating Mr Coles after receiving more than 150 complaints from art collectors and investors from whom he allegedly disappeared with more than $30 million in paintings and cash.

After Mr Coles’s hiding spot – on the Central Coast where he drives taxis to make ends meet – was revealed, a senior member of one of the state’s largest outlaw clubs threatened his safety.

The club member said it was waiting for police to charge Mr Coles before it took action.

”It’s going to be a better option for us if he’s in jail,” the member said. ”It doesn’t matter where he gets sent, we can get to him once that happens. It’ll be easier to work with him inside there.”

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Posted on November 5, 2009 by Editor

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