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“Autopsy results show a 3-inch nail had been driven into his head.”

from The Arizona Republic

Phoenix woman says she enjoyed torturing, killing man

Aug. 21, 2009 09:53 AM
Associated Press

A Phoenix woman accused of torturing and killing a man in a wheelchair says she did it because he was a snitch, and she enjoyed it.

In a jailhouse interview with television station KTVK, 33-year-old Angela Simpson said in a calm voice that she lured 46-year-old Terry Neely to her apartment with a promise of sex and drugs.

Once there, Simpson says she beat Neely with a tire iron, pulled out his teeth and strangled him with a television cable during three days of torture.

Simpson says she dismembered Neely’s body and set it on fire.

Neely’s remains were found burning in a trash container [at] Covenant Grace Christian Fellowship Church, near 7th Avenue and Peoria Road, on Aug. 5. Autopsy results show a 3-inch nail had been driven into his head.

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Posted on August 21, 2009 by Editor

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