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‘Alien megastructure’ could surround giant star baffling scientists looking for new planets


A series of mysterious objects surrounding a giant star millions of miles away could be an alien megastructure, experts believe.

Planet spotters examining data from the Kepler Space Telescope were startled by an unusual light pattern orbiting a star called KIC 8462852.

When they studied the star, which sits some 1,480 light years from Earth, they noticed a swarm of objects surrounding it in an usual pattern.

At first it was thought to be comets, shrapnel from an asteroid impact or even a mistake in the data.

But astronomer Jason Wright from Penn State University offered a more science fiction explanation.

He believes it could be an ‘alien megastructure’ designed to harness energy from the star.

He said: “Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build.”

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