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A Visual Glossary Of Religious Symbols

Indalo (Mojacar Man)


Indalo is an ancient Andalusian symbol. The original image,dating from Neolithic times, can still be seen in the “Cave of the Signboards” at Almeria, in Southern Spain. He appears as the figure of a man carrying a rainbow between his hands, alongside figures of animals, horned men, and a number of odd symbols.

The name Indalo is derived from the latin phrase “Indal Eccius,” or “Messenger of the Gods.”

Indalo’s original meaning and purpose has been lost, but it most likely represents a Shaman or a God figure.Today, the figure is closely associated with the village of Mojacar, and is used there as a symbol of luck and good fortune, and to ward off evil. Like the Native American Kokopelli, he is often emblazoned on businesses, homes, and souvenirs for tourists.

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