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48 Minutes of Classic Carlin for 89cents


No Better Way To Wile A Saturday!


 4.0 out of 5 stars it’s ripped from vinyl (but it merits 4.5 stars nonetheless)June 24, 2008

By  Jeffrey Thames “King of Grief/KPFT 90.1 FM” (Houston, TX)


Carlin on Campus (recorded at UCLA’s Wadsworth Theater in 1984) is the only album from the master that has yet to see a CD release. (Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s also his only solo album barring his RCA debut not distributed by Atlantic.) What you get with this mp3 is the complete program, both sides, unindexed, and ripped from a very-good-condition LP. You’ll hear the occasional light surface noise that shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of the album. The question you have to ask yourself is if you want to pay for a vinyl rip. 

Look at it this way: Carlin was apparently a vinyl guy. He had Atlantic press up promo copies of Parental Advisory on wax for his personal library, and the albums chronicled in the Little David Years box are housed in LP jacket replicas (complete with ringwear). Vinyl was apparently good enough for Uncle George, why should we quibble? (It’s also an economic alternative to seeking out the actual LP on Internet auction sites.) 

Technicalities aside, this was Carlin’s most consistent release of the 80s and contains some favorite routines cited often in the past two days’ obituaries. If this is the only means of mass availability for On Campus, so be it. 

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Posted on June 28, 2008 by Editor

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