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Gigantic Pain In The Ass Pisses On Polanski

from gamesradar+

20 Most Awkward Movie Sets

Oh the glamour…


Faye Dunaway vs. Roman Polanski

The Movie Set: Polanski’s 1974 masterpiece Chinatown , in which Faye Dunaway gave great smoulder opposite Jack Nicholson’s busted-nose investigator.

The Awkward: It started with Dunaway attempting to understand the motivations of her character. When she asked her director for, uh, direction, he reportedly merely yelled: “Say the fucking words. Your salary is your motivation!”

Worse still, when one of the actress’ stray hairs threatened to ruin a shot, Polanski plucked the offending strand from Dunaway’s head without even considering calling in make-up.

Dunaway got her own back when, after her director refused to let her take a loo break, she threw a coffee cup full of urine in his face. Polanski’s later description of his lead actress as “a gigantic pain in the ass” seems fitting.

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Duct-tape Sucks

Posted on August 28, 2016 by Editor

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Catchin’ the COK With Spielberg And The Boys

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Editor

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American Antwoord

from Freaks on Facebook

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Posted on August 10, 2016 by Editor

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Easton Ellis Goes Off Again

from The Independent

Read Bret Easton Ellis’ excoriating monologue on social justice warriors and political correctness

‘Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandmothers and society matrons, clutching your pearls in horror at someone who has an opinion about something, a way of expressing themselves, that’s not the mirror image of yours?’

By Christopher Hooton | @christophhooton

If you’ve been listening to Bret Easton Ellis’ excellent podcast over the past couple of years, you’ll know that an anger, a disbelief, an exhaustion with political correctness and online hive mind mobmentality has been rumbling in the writer for some time.

The podcast is mainly focused on film, and the issue of social media and modern journalistic discourse bleeds into this area as it has had an unquestionable effect on artistic output in the past couple of years. On a previous episode, guest and Bored To Deathcreator Jonathan Ames confessed to having recently pulled out of writing an article for a publication simply because he feared the often overwhelming online backlash writers now face.

In the latest instalment but one, ahead of a very interesting, not-unrelated, interview with The Invitation director Karyn Kusama which I implore you to listen to, Bret let rip with an opening monologue calling out the “authoritarian language police”, with “your strict set of little rules and manufactured outrage, demanding apologies from every sandwich or salad you didn’t like”.

The American Psycho author would probably be the first to admit that he went a little too far at times, and has previously confessed to delighting in stoking controversy and acting the contrarian on Twitter, but there’s some incredibly cogent stuff in there about the paradoxically fascist aspect to the ‘this is the only opinion you are allowed to hold’ tacit rules of leftist social media.

It starts with a discussion of recent controversy over an LA Weekly profile – I hate to have to do this and the context is really necessary here, but if you’re short on time, the main thrust of this 2000-word essay begins where I’ve added these arrows: >>>

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast in full here.

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Eastwood Goes Off Again

From The Wrap

Clint Eastwood on Donald Trump’s Racism: ‘Just F—ing Get Over It’

“When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist,” says actor, director and producer who would vote for GOP nominee over Hillary Clinton


Clint Eastwood thinks America’s “pussy generation” needs to “just f–ing get over” Donald Trump’s “racism.”

In an interview with Esquire published Wednesday, the actor/director/producer said young America — which he has dubbed both the “kiss-ass” and “pussy” generation — needs to stop throwing the word “racist” around so freely.

“[Trump’s] onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up,” he said. “We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.”

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Do Not Swallow

Posted on August 1, 2016 by Editor

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The Revolution Is Really Here! Yeah, baby!


7-Eleven Just Used a Drone to Deliver a Chicken Sandwich and Slurpees


Image by Flirtey

Another milestone in drone deliveries. 

A 7-Eleven customer’s order for Slurpees, a chicken sandwich, donuts, hot coffee, and candy will forever go down in history.

What makes it remarkable is that the convenience store chain used a drone to deliver the order to a family in Reno, Nev., 7-Eleven said on Friday. The company partnered with drone startup Flirtey for the delivery, which the companies said was the first time a drone has legally delivered a package to a U.S. resident who placed an order from a retailer.

But the drone delivery wasn’t a casual affair.

“This delivery required special flight planning, risk analysis, and detailed flight procedures ensuring residential safety and privacy were equally integrated,” Chris Walach, the director of operations for the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), said in a statement. The NIAS is a Nevada government-backed non-profit autonomous vehicle advocacy group that helped oversee the delivery.

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Happy 4th!

from R. Hubbard via FB

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from The New York Post

The world’s most terrifying roller coasters

By Michael Kaplan

rcPhoto by evyuangga

Japanese thrill-freaks jaded by high-tech, high-speed coasters and flumes strap in for Zen-like thrills in the city of Okayama.

A Brazil-themed amusement park there, appropriately called Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland, boasts an attraction called SkyCycle that requires riders to provide the power. Pedaling tandem bikes and controlling their own destiny, they move along on frighteningly narrow tracks, without the benefit of visible barriers, and rise 50 feet in the air. Parachutes are not provided.

A water-torture of a thrill ride, SkyCycle ramps up the fright factor with a no-tech approach: There’s nothing to prevent bikes from rear-ending one another, tight turns add to the adventure and safety precautions appear minimal. Riders gingerly pedal up a roller coaster-style track with seemingly little to stop them from plummeting 50 feet to the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, it is one of the amusement park’s top attractions and ranks among the world’s scariest rides.

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John Wayne Reaches Critical Mass

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Editor

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Rare Footage of Prince on Safari

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Franzen Upchuck

from The Observer

Why I Almost Committed Suicide Watching Jonathan Franzen on Jeopardy

A three-time Jeopardy champ nearly loses it seeing a slightly more famous writer at the game-show podium

Neal Pollack

I’m a Jeopardy! champion. I won three games in September of 2013. This didn’t happen during “Power Players Week.” I’m not a power player to anyone but that one guy in Pittsburgh who bought my band’s album in 2004, and also the editor of this newspaper, who wanted me to review Jonathan Franzen’s appearance on Jeopardy! Power Players Week. So here goes.

On Jeopardy, Jonathan Franzen knew all the answers. Of course he did. He’s Jonathan Franzen! They gave him a category about Birds in the first round. He got those questions right, of course. That’s like giving me a category called “Jerkin’ It.” There was also a Shakespeare category. Mr. Franzen knew those answers, too, though he didn’t ring in to answer that the Tamer of the Shrew was named Petruchio, an answer that I, sitting on my couch in my underwear while smoking a joint, knew immediately. “I should have known that,” Franzen said, fake-demurely.

Curse you, Franzen!

Then came the moment when Alex Trebek, the evil lord of knowledge, talks to the players. He and Mr. Franzen spent 30 seconds dissing Twitter, a doomsday scenario, a meeting of the ubermenschen that shattered my soul forever. “Do you think in our society, Twitter is trivializing importance?” Alex Trebek asked Jonathan Franzen. Even typing that phrase—“Alex Trebek asked Jonathan Franzen”—hurts my heart. Believe it or not, Mr. Franzen did, and then talked about how it was impossible to form a counter-argument on Twitter.

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Greatest Car-chase Commentary Ever

Posted on May 9, 2016 by Editor

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Hustling Congress

from The Washington Times

Hustler sent to every congressional office since 1983

By Jessica Chasmar

For more than 30 years, Hustler’s flamboyant publisher Larry Flynt has continued to send the monthly magazine to every member of Congress.

Since 1983, Hustler has sent the porno mags in plain manila envelopes to every Congressional office as Mr. Flynt’s unique way of petitioning the government, National Journal reported.

Congress tried in 1984 to stop the unwanted porn subscription, but the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled two years later that the delivery of the magazine could not be stopped under the First Amendment.

“Receiving Hustler once each month would not unduly burden a Member of Congress,” the court wrote. “Members are not forced to read the magazine or other of the mail they receive in volume. We cannot imagine that Congressional offices all lack wastebaskets.”

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Prince & The New Muppet Generation

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Editor

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It’s always good to re-live one’s formative years.

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Fun With Dad

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Take That, Salad-eaters

from The LA Times

How raw meat — and our ancestors’ inability to chew it — changed the course of human evolution

by Deborah Netburn

Raw meat -- not so easy to chew,study findsA new study suggests that neither we nor our ancestors were capable of eating raw meat without some form of processing. (Randy Leffingwell / Los Angeles Times)

Paleoanthropologist Daniel Lieberman chewed raw goat meat for the sake of science, so he knows from experience that it’s a challenge.

“It’s a little salty, and it’s very tough,” the Harvard University professor said. “You put it in your mouth and you chew and you chew and you chew and you chew, and nothing happens.”

As Lieberman discovered first hand, modern human teeth are not suited to breaking chunks of raw meat into pieces that are small enough to swallow.

Effective raw-meat eaters like wolves and lions have teeth that are designed for slicing through elastic muscle, almost like a pair of scissors. Humans, on the other hand, have teeth that act like a mortar and pestle. Our pearly whites are designed for crushing, not slicing. When we chew on raw meat, the meat does not break apart.

“It stays like a wad in your mouth,” Lieberman said. “It’s almost like a piece of chewing gum.”

Still, the fossil record suggests that ancient human ancestors with teeth very similar to our own were regularly consuming meat 2.5 million years ago. That meat was presumably raw because they were eating it roughly 2 million years before cooking food was a common occurrence.

Yet oddly, these meat-eating hominims had smaller teeth compared to their mostly vegetarian predecessors, as well as reduced chewing muscles and a weakened bite force, anthropologists say.

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Don’t Piss Off The Pachyderm

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The Chickening

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Editor

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Hot Illuminati Robot With Half A Metal Head Wants to Suck Out Our Brains

Posted on March 16, 2016 by Editor

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An Oldie But Always A Goodie

Posted on March 11, 2016 by Editor

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25 Years Since REN & STIMPY Weird.

from A.V. Club

Almost 25 years later, a look back atRen & Stimpy in all its gross splendor

By Rob Dean 

Jumping into the wayback machine to 1991, there was a time when children’s programming bordered on the avant garde and surreal with one simple and insanely popular cartoon. Ren & Stimpy, as created by John Kricfalusi, seemed simple and sweet enough on paper: the adventures of a dog and cat who are friends and the various shenanigans the duo get into on a weekly basis. However, in practice, that simplistic premise would undergo a hideous transformation into a treatise on the absurd, a fascination with bodily fluids and functions, and a painstaking focus on the details of the animation.

As Evan Puschak, a.k.a. The Nerdwriter, points out in his latest video, Kricfalusi rejected the morality lessons of most cartoons and the formulaic plotting that had become way too common in animation at the time. Perhaps this was due to Kricfalusi’s apprenticeship under Ralph Bakshi, another animator who rejected the standards of his time.

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Real Men Will Admit It

from The New York Post

Hulk Hogan is asked the question every man fears

By Julia Marsh and Bruce Golding

Hulk Hogan cut himself down to size on Tuesday — testifying that his real-life manhood doesn’t measure up to the boasts of his larger-than-life character.

Day Two of Hogan’s $100 million invasion-of-privacy trial against the website Gawkersaw the pro wrestling legend admit that while his professional persona claims to have a 10-inch penis, he is really more modestly endowed.

During cross-examination in a Florida courtroom, Hogan was confronted with a 2006 interview about his genitalia.

The back-and-forth between Hogan and shock-jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem featured Hogan’s former best friend claiming, “I’ve seen it before” and saying, “hard, you’re probably 7 or 8 inches.”

“Dude, I’ve got size 15 (shoes), I wear a size 15 ring … Figure it out,” answers Hogan, who says a man’s penis is “two-thirds the size of your feet and hands.”

“So, Hogan, you’re claiming, you’re claiming to maybe have a 10-inch c–k?” Bubba asked.

“I’m not claiming. Those are the facts, Jack,” Hogan replied.

A lawyer for Gawker — which posted hidden-camera video of Hogan having sex with Bubba’s then-wife, Heather Clem, in 2007 — then asked if Hogan had “any doubt … that you were discussing the length of your penis?”

“Well, it’s not mine, because mine isn’t that size, but we were discussing the length of Hulk Hogan’s,” the former wrestler, whose real name is Terry Bollea, replied.

“Seriously?” Gawker lawyer Michael Sullivan asked.

“No, seriously, I do not have a 10-inch penis. No, I do not. Seriously. Believe that. Seriously,” Hogan said.

Sullivan then asked if Hogan was “discussing Hulk Hogan’s penis.”

“Yeah, because Terry Bollea’s penis is not 10 inches, like you’re trying to say,” Hogan responded.

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Who Needs Bob Barker, anyway?

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Sorta Hilarious

from CityLab

A New York Politician Is Using Spiteful Street Names to Get Revenge on Developers


Image JeremyWhat/

Earlier this month, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the Staten Island Borough President James Oddo could go ahead with plans to give a section of the island some fairly unpleasant street names. A few very lucky New York City residents will now live on Cupidity Drive (“cupidity” meaning “greed”), Fourberie Lane (“fourberie” is “trickery” in French), or “Avidita Place” (from the Latin avidus, which means “eager,” or, you know, “greed”).

If you’re wondering why a public official would saddle residents with such sad addresses, know that this is Oddo’s very official revenge against a housing development he has opposed for some time. In 2013, the Savo Brothers development firm purchased a 15-acre retreat from the Society of Jesus. The land had served as the first laymen’s retreat in the United States. The developers wanted to build 250 condominiums on the $15 million parcel, knocking down the Jesuits’s 1920s-era chapel and some 400-year-old trees in the process. Community efforts to preserve the site or reach a satisfying compromise failed. So when the development company finally submitted potential street names for Oddo’s approval (e.g. Lazy Bird Lane, Rabbit Ridge Road, Timber Lane, or Lamb Run), Oddo got the last word—and picked three names very obviously not on the list.

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Global Warming

from The New York Daily News

Upstate New York mountain reaches minus 114 wind chill at its summit


On Sunday morning, the wind chill on Whiteface Mountain's summit was colder than the windchill in Antarctica.THE WILD CENTER

While New York City had its coldest start to Valentine’s Day in 100 years on Sunday, it would seem balmy compared with the wicked wind chill at upstate Whiteface Mountain.

As temperatures dropped across the Northeast from the blast of a polar vortex, the wind chill at Whiteface, near Lake Placid, made it feel like a body- and mind-numbing minus 114 degrees late Saturday and into Sunday. Central Park could only muster a minus 1 degree.

The Wild Center, which works with the Atmospheric Science Research Center at SUNY Albany, recorded the frigid temperature from a research station at the mountain’s summit.

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Helen Mirren Cracking A Whip. Awesome.

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Rockin’ The Gondola

from CBS 8 Las Vegas

Couple arrested for alleged sex acts on High Roller

By Nikki Bowers |

Copyright 2016 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved.

A couple was arrested for taking part in sexual relations on the High Roller, according to police.

In an arrest report released Tuesday, officers said the couple were first noticed by the High Roller’s operations leader.  The report said she saw the couple on surveillance cameras taking their clothes off as they smoked cigarettes.

Police said the operations leader took to the intercom to speak to the couple, asking them to stop put on their clothes.  The report said Panzica and Scordianos complied, but shortly after, they started up again.  However, this time, they performed sexual acts on each other.

The operations leader asked them to stop again, but they didn’t listen.  The operations leader then looked at other cameras to see if any of the guests could see the couple, and that’s when she noticed some people in another High Roller cabin recording the couple on their cell phone, the report said.

[ click to read complete article at CBS 8 ]

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Oldie But Goodie From The Prank Archives


St. Cloud homeowners find catfish in mailboxes

Residents trying to determine if it is fishy prank or something sinister

By Amanda Castro

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – Several residents in Osceola County have found catfish in their mailboxes and yards, prompting questions whether it’s a prank or something more serious.

Maddison Fertic said she received an unusual delivery Monday morning when her postman discovered a large, dead catfish inside her mailbox.

“I was honestly in shock because it doesn’t make any sense,” Fertic said. “It’s just one of those things where it’s, just, ‘Why?'”

Fertic said the fish was 12 inches long, and she had to use a stick to pull it out.

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The Bull Jism Gang Rides Again

from CBS Sacramento

Nearly $50,000 In Bull Semen Stolen From Turlock Truck

TURLOCK (CBS13) — Tanks filled with thousands of dollars worth of bull semen were stolen out of a truck in Turlock, and it could cause trouble in the wrong hands.

The bulls are the cream of the crop and have been selected for their genetic value.

“The genetics that these Bulls have in them is out of the top 1 percent of the world population,” said farm owner John Azevedo.

The bulls’ highly valued semen is collected two to three times a week and shipped to farms in California and across the world for the purpose of impregnating cattle.

“Over 70 to 75 percent of all cattle in the U.S. is inseminated artificially,” he said.

Turlock resident Anthony Reis spent months of his time and labor collecting top of the line bull semen for distribution only to half it stolen.

“You get to your first dairy and you’re missing half your inventory,” he said.

Three tanks and a transfer tank with nearly 3,500 units of sperm were stolen from the back of his work truck late Sunday night, enough to potentially impregnate more than 1,000 cattle.

[ click to continue reading at CBS Sacramento ]

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Donny Osmond In Your Vagina

from The Guardian

Sonic youth: vaginal speaker lets you play tunes to foetuses

babypod speakersHit me baby one more time: The Babypod opens up so many possibilities … Photograph: Babypod

Does anybody else remember when a Donny Osmond poster was found up a woman’s vagina? Because I do. I’ve never forgotten it, and I never will.

Now, there’s another means of smuggling Osmond into one’s insides – a vaginal speaker. Spanish company Babypod has invented a speaker that is designed to be inserted into the vagina, stimulating foetal development.

“Babies learn to speak in response to sound stimuli, especially melodic sound. Babypod is a device that stimulates before birth through music. With Babypod, babies learn to vocalise from the womb,” reads the blurb on the company’s website.

There has been plenty of research on the effect of sound on foetuses, and evidence suggests that unborn babies do respond to music in the womb. There are already multiple speakers available on the market (“prenatal speakers”) which are fitted around a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Babypod, however, cites research from a gynaecological clinic, the Institut Marquès, that babies hearing external noise clearly is “solely possible via the vagina”, because the abdominal wall muffles sounds.

[ click to continue reading at The Guardian ]

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