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From the Inbox: James Frey’s “I Am Number Four”

From John:

Hiding identity here may be the result of the fact that number four is more or less a copy of number three, except for the fact that only one has been thrown in to change the mix.

Clearly, the number three and even possibly two and one, are going to claim that substantial portions of four have been lifted from them (then embellished?) and they will press some sort of claim if four picks up a book contract and/or movie rights.

For that reason alone, given Mr. Frey’s previous issues, legal departments would most likely be on high alert if his name were to be associated with something called “I am Number Four.”

He ought to skip ahead to 10 to put a little distance between himself and those other numbers.

He needs to avoid seven, 14 and 21. I have already optioned them to a large publisher.

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