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from InsideHook

A Look Inside the Curing Room at Chicago’s Lardon, Quite Possibly America’s Finest Salumeria

Chef Chris Thompson breaks down the process behind his immaculate cured meats


a string of cured meats in the curing room at lardon in chicago
Vegetarians, you may want to look away

It’s 33 degrees today in Chicago — a good temperature for butchering, according to Lardon chef Chris Thompson, but not for curing, a task best carried out at about twice that. But the temperature won’t stop Thompson from his regular Thursday morning routine: putting up coppa, finocchiona and more for the pork-focused menu at his Logan Square restaurant, which decidedly and unapologetically breaks with plant-forward dining trends.

Thompson proudly leads the way through the curing room, a tight squeeze rendered even tighter thanks to the plethora of bresaola, prosciutto, salami and more hanging within — meats Thompson proudly refers to as his “babies.”

“We probably have over 3,000 pounds of meat in here, right now,” he says with a grin, most of which comes from whole hogs raised locally and humanely by Trent Sparrow of Catalpa Grove in Dwight, Illinois.

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Posted on February 24, 2022 by Editor

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