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Robot Sushi

from Business Insider

This robot can make sushi in a matter of seconds


As robots get more advanced, they will likely take over many jobs in the future — including those of sushi chefs.

For a sneak peak at this impending automation, look no further than a new creation from robotics manufacturer Kawasaki. The robot can make sushi in under a minute.

First spotted by Gizmodo, the video shows a miraculous bot that assembles nigiri, the traditional type of sushi in which a piece of raw fish sits on a little ball of rice.

One robotic arm — on the right in the video below — clinches the sides of the pressed bundles of rice and moves completed nigiri pieces to a wooden block. The arm on the left picks up tubes of wasabi and squeezes a little bit onto the rice. It also picks up a small vacuum, which it then uses to lift up the fish and place it on the rice.

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Posted on August 17, 2016 by Editor

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