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Rat Press Re-dressed

from Shelf-Awareness

Rat Press: Hollywood Director Moonlights as Publisher

ratpress.jpgBy day Brett Ratner is a Hollywood producer, director and photographer. At night, he moonlights as the publisher of Rat Press. “It’s a one-man operation,” he said. “I do everything, basically,” including editing books in his bedroom.

Rat Press had its beginnings nearly a decade ago when Ratner published Naked Pictures of My Ex-Girlfriends by Mark Helfrich. Several years later he wrote a book of his own, Hillhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures, with powerHouse Books. Ratner has now re-launched Rat Press, creating a new logo and signing on with Perseus Distribution. The company aims to publish works “from the most prolific individuals in film” that consumers “never have the opportunity to see in a theater” and in a variety of formats. Titles will include biographies, interviews, novels, scripts, photos and artwork.

“Brett is a passionate book lover, and he’s done a wonderful job of bringing the film and book industries together,” said Tyson Cornell, director of marketing and publicity at Book Soup in Los Angeles. Ratner, whose big-screen work includes directing X-Men: The Last Stand and the film adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novelRed Dragon, acknowledges that “there is definitely a synergy” between the book and movie markets and envisions a wide readership for the books. “They call movies that reach many audiences four quadrant movies,” he said. “These are four quadrant books” that will appeal to film students, movie buffs, pop culture enthusiasts and those who like reading historical books and biographies.

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Posted on June 20, 2009 by Editor

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