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“Los Angeles is, of course, fucked.” – GIF Amok

from SPIN

Atoms for Peace Make ‘Amok’ Art Into Real-Life GIF Mural

by Chris Martins

After a couple of years of minimal output, Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace is suddenly the gift that keeps giving. Last week, we learned the details of their upcoming debut album, Amok, and then discovered that the band had hidden a choice Easter egg inside of the mural-like artwork found on their website. As it now turns out, that image actually does exist as a mural, and it moves just like the one on the web — well, more or less.

Atoms for Peace visual master Stanley Donwood collaborated with UK “GIF-itti” artist INSA to create “Hollywood Doom,” an installation in installments. INSA painted the Amok album art onto XL Recordings’ Los Angeles office, and then repainted the moving bits a handful of times in order to bring the thing to life via time-lapse photography. The end result is a brick-and-mortar mural, which also exists as an awesome GIF. Actually, several.

Check out the images below after reading Donwood’s totally depressing explanation of his inspirations:

“Los Angeles is, of course, fucked. Everything is fucked, all of our cities, all of our towns, our villages, our farms, our entire way of living. and I don’t mean fucked in a good way, oh no; I mean it in a very, very bad way.

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Posted on December 14, 2012 by Editor

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