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It’s Lonely Out In Space

from The Telegraph

The lonely journey of a UFO conspiracy theorist in an age of distrust

by Jose A. Del Real, The Washington Post

The night sky from Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado in July.
The night sky from Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado in July. Photo for The Washington Post by David Williams

DENVER – All day long, Douglas Wilson had tended to cracked sidewalks and overgrown lawns, but now his shift was over, and he felt exalted as he looked up at the boundless Colorado sky.

To pay the bills, Doug was a groundskeeper for a local school district in Denver. But his real calling – his vocation – was the search for truth.

Specifically: the search for truth about aliens, whose existence and technology he believed the U.S. government discovered decades ago and has kept hidden from the public.

“I can’t tell you we’re ever going to find the answers in our lifetime,” Doug, 63, said one recent summer afternoon, his grandfatherly eyes peering through gold-rimmed aviator glasses. “It is so very similar to the religious experience. It really is.”

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Posted on September 3, 2021 by Editor

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