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Adult Coloring Book Craze Killing Billions and Billions of Trees

from The Telegraph

Colouring-in craze causes pencil shortages

The craze for adult colouring-in has pencil factories working overtime to meet demand

By Senay Boztas and Colin Freeman

Different colours of pencilDifferent colours of pencil  Photo: Alamy

A Scottish illustrator has been credited with boosting the fortunes of the global pencil industry after the surprise success of her “colouring-in” books for grown ups.

Johanna Basford’s books of elaborately-crafted fill-in drawings have tapped into a huge demand from those seeking to switch off from I-pads, laptops and computer games.

Now, having already topped the Amazon best-seller lists, her tomes are also giving a massive boost in global sales for high-quality pencils, as colouring-in fans compete to make masterpieces of their work.

Far from being a casualty themselves of the digital age, pencil manufacturers are now struggling to cope with demand, with Faber Castell, the world’s largest wood pencil manufacturer, revealing last week that it was now having to run extra shifts at its factories.

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Posted on March 25, 2016 by Editor

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